Aug 28, 2012

It's Only the Beginning...

First post.... what to write about? Seems strange to jump right into one particular story/incident/problem/behavior when I haven't really said much of anything about us except in the *Our Story* As I write this.... I am sitting in a quiet room, and wow... believe me when I say this is a RARE occurance around here and one of my biggest headaches of the moment... getting these dogs to settle down and be quiet. So I guess that's what I want to say, what this blog is about. It really is just a place for me to *talk* about my dogs, and the craziness they have brought to my world. It seems all I do anymore is care for them. I am trying to make sure Tonka (the oldest and *for the moment* heaviest of the bunch) gets all the love he thinks he needs, while trying to keep Princess Timbit from actually hurting the new pain in her arse, Dozer. Tonka and Dozer are BEST friends, have been since I brought the big guy in the house, as Tonka really is just a puppy at heart. Timbit, well, she would rather not have any brothers at all! In her perfect world she would have all dog beds, toys, chews, food, people, etc to herself and not have to share at all!! (who can blame her really? I mean isn't that the definition of Princess? And that is what I call her most of the time. LOL )
Anyhow, from the moment I get up in the morning my day goes something like this:
* Stumble down hallway, trying to protect bare feet from 100+lb horse like dogs clumsy feet, to let the 3 mutts outside before they pee somewhere for me to step in later... all while trying to cross my own legs and not pee myself (getting harder and harder to do as I age I might add!)
*Rush to bathroom myself....only to be told off by 1 or both cats... they would like some treats while the dogs are not inside to barge in and steal their cookies.... or they just want attention. Who knows.
*Stumble back down hallway.... REALLY need some coffee... but oh wait, cat is tripping me I'm at their treat cupboard... oh and while I'm bent over I see the water dish is empty, fill that. crap dishes need doing still... Oh! The dogs are back at the window... The Saint Bernard likes to jump on the glass, I have paw and nose prints all the way to the top to prove it.
*Now that they have peed, they are SO HAPPY TO SEE ME!!! Timbit bounces and tries to lick any part of me she can reach, Tonka shoves his way to me barking and wagging that baseball bat of a tail he has, and Dozer, well he's jumping and his wrecking ball like feet scratch and bruise any part of me I can't get away from him as I tell him a firm NO and show him my back. (it is working... he is jumping up less and less... but as any training book will tell you you have to have patience and stick at it!! And Oh I am! I refuse to give him any attention till he is calm and all feet on floor! in the meantime tho... I myself look like the abuse victim).
*OK, enough of this, I need more clothes on to protect my poor body from dog feet, claws, tails, tongues and ears!! (yes, even those hurt when slapped against a bare thigh), all 3 of them come with me to the bedroom to change. Timbit to find a stuffy, a sock, a toy, or one of the other dogs bones to drag back to her permanent spot on her bed... the other 2 monsters to start a Wrestling match worthy of the UFC at my feet. *sigh* there goes alittle more skin and well, now my pants are covered in dog hair and drool.... Why have I not had any coffee yet?!?
*Dogs continue battle royal at my feet, and then down the hallway as I head back to the kitchen for some much needed caffeine, they have to travel and wrestle as heaven forbid EITHER of them let me out of their sight! They bounce off the walls in the hallway, I'm sure one day they will go right thru one of them. But as I near the kitchen, I pass the dog food bin... Holy Hannah... now they think it's breakfast time!!!

So that is just an introduction to the craziness. :) Please tell me some of you can relate!?!? 

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