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We live in a small rural town in the Cariboo region of British Columbia, Canada, in a small house on a lake. And yes I said SMALL house... less than 1200 sq feet on the main level. While it's the perfect size for the 3 human's that live in the house... it's dwarfed when you consider we have not 1, nor 2 but 3 dogs of a *large* size. I will introduce them to you shortly. But first... here is a picture of our little house on the lake.

To begin with.... I am and always have been a self professed, crazy cat lady. I LOVE cats, can not ever imagine my life without one. And while I love all animals, including dogs, I had never had a long term relationship with one, so I never knew what I was missing. Boy oh Boy!! Alright, to begin with, our happy little family consisted of myself, my husband, my son, and 2 adorable felines. And then.... well... and then we got....

(Mastif x Lab)
Some relatives of ours had an Oops litter or puppies (and no I do not condone such behavior... ALL of my animals are neutered as soon as they are old enough... but unfortunately... ooops happen I guess). Somehow...  and I'm not sure if I convinced my husband or he convinced me... but we brought this 20lb ball of puppy love and wrinkles home with  us when he was 8 weeks old. We named himTonka, which is really quite fitting as he is 130lbs now and built like a TRUCK. With the muscle and weight of a mastiff, along with the wiry brindle coloured coat; and the head, ears and heart of a lab, he may very well be the world's largest scared-y cat. He hates to be left alone, is afraid of the cat, thunder, the train, small dogs.... and yes I could go on and on here. He is truly one of a kind and our number 1 Fur-Baby.
As I said above, Tonka doesn't like to be alone, and since we all work, we thought maybe he needed a companion, and so enters our next dog,

(Siberian Husky or as we like to call her the *Broken Sled Dog*)
This gorgeous little darling of mine came from a friend who has a dog-sled team. He would come into my work often and would talk of his passion of dogs and sledding. My son at the time was completely enamoured with the Husky breed, and we discussed the possibility of adopting one of his retiring sled dogs. We headed out to a dog-sled event to see the races and check out his dogs. When I first laid eye's on Timbit we fell in love with her because of her *halo* eye, where she has half and half in the same eye of brown and that baby blue. When I mentioned this to my friend I was so surprised to hear him say we could have her, since she was barely 2 yrs old at the time she was far from retirement age. But... LOL.... after having her now for 3 years... I understand.... I have no idea HOW they ever got her to run!!! She HATES it. She is, as we call her, the 40 mile an hour couch potato, as the ONLY time you see her move quick is when it's cold out and she has to pee! And that is to get out and in as fast as possible. In fact if I don't watch the little bugger, she will pee on the deck just so she doesn't have to go down the stairs! How is THAT for lazy?!?! She likes her bed, and her stuffies... but I'll tell you more on that in another post. 

After that... we were DONE with adopting animals. I am sort of known as the uh... *rescuer* of animals... whether they NEED rescuing or not, and my husband and friends like to tease me to death about it. I don't mind, I am not ashamed to admit I prefer the company of the furry beasts sometimes more than my human friends. AND I have a BIG soft spot for any animal I think might not be treated as well as I think, and I don't just mean downright abuse (don't even get me started!!!), I think all animals should be indoors and full fledged members of your family.... anyhow... I digress and should get back to the point. I'll leave my ranting to another day and post. My point was... this next animal was a complete unplanned OOOOPS!!!!

(Saint Bernard) 
Yup.... that's right... he is an OOPS AND a SAINT BERNARD!
.A Saint Bernard... A SAINT Freaking BERNARD!!! What the H - E - Double Hockey Sticks have I done..... Here is where our story begins, because while my house was interesting enough previously with the 2 cats and 2 dogs. Now I have this monstrous PUPPY, oh ya... he's just a freakin baby! And oh my goodness... what a learning curve this is. Currently, he is 10 months old, 120lbs and NOT well trained. I have rescued him from a home, that while perhaps not the worst home in the world, it was not a good one either. He was starved, and so very skinny when I brought him home at 8 months. And while, he is a handful, he was being abused by the man of the house, and so is a little shy around men at the moment.... *YIKES!!!*

So it was while searching online for help in training and learning about this crazy large breed of dog and how to make my household less circus-like that I decided to write this blog, as it seems everywhere I look there is no real help or info... just links to *buy this book now*  and promises of instant success if you just click here and pay a fee and .. whatever.... I just want to know if my puppy is normal, if anyone else has these same issues... and well to just vent my frustrations.

I hope that perhaps you find some peace of mind or maybe a chuckle in my posts, and I would LOVE to hear your stories as well. 

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