Sep 7, 2012

Don't Mess With My Babies!

Today I'm gonna talk about my sweet (some of the time) girl dog, Timbit, or Princess as we call her most of the time. If you have read the *Our Story* section of our blog you'll know that my Timbit is a Siberian husky who had a short career as a sled dog (do read her story to explain why her career was *short* LOL). I am positive she is much happier in her current role as Dog Bed Warmer and the Dog toy hoarder, the latter being my topic for this post. My Princess LOVES her *babies*!!!
One of the many Christmas Bears she's stolen.
 When Bruce (her former owner) brought her to me, he called her a toy hoarder. I didn't quite understand what he was talking about off course, until she'd lived with us for some time. We call them her *babies* as she's really like a little mother. She will wander about the house (usually at night or when no one is home) in stealth mode and pick up random stuffies, they don't always need to be a *dog toy* in fact I think she prefers them to not be, then she carries them back to her bed, till she has a nice pile of stuffies, bones, socks, chews, slippers.... and then she lays on them and when you ask her what she's doing... she wont make eye contact... like this picture below.
"I have nothing... I don't know WHAT you're talking about"
 Once I came home from the liquor store, it was at Christmas time, and I always buy their Christmas bears. One goes to the Children's hospital and the other you keep. I LOVE them as they are always SO soft, and I have them all displayed over the TV on the light fixture.
All those bears.... so far out of her reach... I am SO MEAN!
Anyhow, I had just walked in the house, and set the bag on the floor, you could not see that there was anything other than the bottle of Bailey's I buy for my mother every year in there. BUT .... Somehow... SHE KNEW!!! I turned around and she had the new bear out of the bag and on her bed with her already! It ALMOST broke my heart to take it back.... good thing I'd bought another for her eh?? ;o)
Here she is with a brown bear she's taken from my son
And here she is trying to hide her brother's bone she stole, and get the other 2 babies on the bed with her as well. 
Just a fun little story about my Princess. It's cute, but it does get nasty at times as she is really not very fond of her newest brother and so now she has taken to *saving* her bones and treats to just taunt him with. He, Thank Goodness, is afraid of her so he wont try to take it away from her, which is good as I wouldn't want to break up that fight.  But she is now getting into some trouble cause she is just being mean. The little brat!

Thanks for reading along.
Go hug your dog... and make sure all your *babies* are safe. ;o)

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