Sep 6, 2012

Dog Dreams

It's that time of year here in the Cariboo, when the wildlife are fattening themselves up. Therefore there is always a rash of cougar and bear sightings around us. Cougars are generally a bit more rare then our black bear friends, but all the more scary for their stealth.

Here is where I get off topic for a moment on Cougars, feel free to skip this paragraph:
 I personally find Cougars and all the large cat species to be a gorgeous creation of nature and just cry every time I hear of one being destroyed.... even the word... *destroyed* .... seems wrong to me... it's like they're hiding the fact that they are KILLING them. Just say it for crying out loud, trying to disguise that we're not is not helping. I know they are dangerous, will kill us and our children and fur babies given the chance. I am not saying that some of the cats may need to be killed due to their aggression towards humans, I just wish more effort was made to relocate them, and/or just observe them from afar to see if they are in fact a danger or are just stalking some deer in the area. The whole thing just makes me sad. 

Back to my story.... We (my family and furkids) live in a rural part of town, so we are constantly surrounded by wildlife, one of the reasons I love where we live. We have eagles resting in our trees, deer continually wandering thru to get to the lake, bears, and even a Moose and her calf one rare and wonderful day.
Our Back Yard
To be honest, we don't have as much wildlife hanging about as I would sometimes like as the RACKET made by the 2 of the 3 dogs most of them have found other places to hang out. Which I suppose is good and bad. Good as I have never seen or had one of my babies threatened by anything... but bad because... well I'd love to see them.
They never stick around long enough to be served dinner!
Anyhow... do I have a point? Not a major one... this whole post was started as I had a dream. LOL Yes, a dream! At a large family gathering, a scared bear appeared, and when the CHILDREN of the gathering tried to scare the animal away I went running to save them (SO glad that in my subconscious I was SAVING the children.... LOL) they succeeded in scaring the bear, directly towards ME! When the bear reached me, feeling cornered it attacked me. And when my dog, my sweet puppy Dozer, tried to save me, I pulled him off the bear and tried to get him into the house away from the Bear, so I could save HIM from the bear. Yes! There's a great idea, lets put the animal possibly capable of fighting off the large incredibly strong wild animal and let him maul you to death..... I really think I may need to see someone, someone with a mental health back ground.

Now, who knows how I would truly handle the situation, and I hope I never have to discover it for real. My husband shakes his head at me in disbelief but I am pretty sure I would die trying to save my fur-babies...any one of them. I know I am not alone in this intense love and protectiveness I feel for my furry kids, but I do sometimes think I take it a little too far.
Hope I've made you smile today.
Go hug your dog!


  1. Love the pictures Cheri! I actually got yelled at the other day because we were outside with the horses and we heard some noise in the woods beside us. I thought it was a bear and well as I was walking really fast towards the house I stopped and grabbed the cat!! It was on my way I don't understand what the big deal was!! But I was in trouble and was told to not try and save any animal just save myself!! Turns out it was a bear and he didn't want me! LOL :) The black bears are terrible up here. The point to my story is that even in the situation you would stop and garb your animals!! I know you! I did it! :)

    1. Awesome!!! Im so glad you stopped to grab the cat! And yes... LOL I would have too... probably would have tried to get the horses inside too.... :)

  2. I agree about not destroying too. I've said it before but man I love your view. If we didn't have to live here we would be rual too. Looking forward to your Dog Tales. Umm my fur baby had an accident in his crate. Why didn't I check on him when he whined. He had an upset tummy:(. I had to wait to bath him since it was too cold this morning. Nothing like a morning of gagging.

    1. Oh no!!! Been there tho... when I first brought Dozer home I ignored his whinning ONCE... and ya... dog diarhea everywhere!!! OMG! yuck!! I feel your pain! hope Chaos feels better now tho!

  3. Well you know me and my way of thinking and I live a lot further out of town.. there are problem animals that need to be delt with.. but who made them problem animals to begin with.. Have never had problems with bear here at this house but neighbours have... cougar had one in the back yard two years ago did our best to scare off..
    Our problem with them being around so much is there is an over population of Deer right now and they are really coming in for them.. House hold pets and small kids just happen to get in there way.. Should do more to relocate around here if possible.. Looking forward to more of your blog postings.. take care


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